Why “The Candid Crow”? The first thing a close friend asked me, after I had described the name of my business to him, was if I was going to squak when I introduced myself to people! I can tell you that is unlikely. Truth is, I’ve always just had an appreciation for the bird… and not just in the way Poe describes his time with them in foggy graveyards. They are on the beaches here in the Pacific Northwest, and actually full of character. There is a candid quality to them, and they’ve never been shy when I have my camera out.

Going back a bit, if I had to guess when things started, I’d say it’s when I decided to spend my teenage weekends playing on Microsoft Paint. Yup, that Paint. Needless to say, once the technology became more helpful and available, my interest was peaked!

Fast forward to 2001, where I would spend my college weekends playing on Photoshop instead! I studied Visual Communication Technology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, graduating in 2006.  Ay Ziggy Zoomba!  Since then, I have been shooting weddings and portraits under my own brand.  I love having a job that allows me to explore my creativity, and presents a different challenge every time.  I suppose it's a drive I've always had.  The cliché that every photograph has a story worth telling actually has a lot of truth in it, no matter how tiny the moment.  There are all kinds of funny, quirky, and moving moments that are gone in a second, but remembered forever in a photograph.  It's truly a privilege to be asked to photograph or capture video of you or your event.

When I sign up for a project, you get more than my camera. You get me! Heart, soul, dry humor, and all.  I love photographing people wild about each other and life.  I show up earlier than you think, and am the last one to leave. I’ve been shooting weddings for over 10 years, and the result is work I’m proud of.

When I’m not photographing people, I’m involved in a few on-going side projects with water or mountains from both sides of the country.  Ever since I was a kid, I've just loved the water.  Thankfully, I've been fortunate enough to live in Savannah, GA, near the water of Lake Erie, OH, and most recently off the coast of Olympic National Park.  Most of my photographs are taken through a neutral density filter, giving each one it's own little challenge and time frame.  If I'm able to take a part of you out with me in spirit, then I've accomplished my goal.

My friends may say I have an obsession for cats, probably listen to music from the 90's too much, watch too many Cleveland games, and have a love for science fiction novels and films.

My primary service is in wedding photography and both indoor and outdoor portraits. However, I am open to all requests!  Thank you for stopping by and getting lost for a few minutes here.

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